Sep 20

Brea, CA, – Kirkhill would like to congratulate long-time partner, Northrop Grumman on the successful test firing of its Full Scale Booster (FSB-1) on September 2, 2020.  This is an important milestone for the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Artemis and Orion spacecraft programs as the SLS is the only rocket that can send Orion, astronauts and supplies to the Moon in a single mission.  The SLS boosters are the largest, most powerful boosters ever built for flight. 

Kirkhill Inc. provides insulating materials that are installed on the Full Scale Booster (FSB-1) that protect both the structure, and in the future will protect the astronauts and payloads that will fly on the Artemis rocket to the Moon.

Kirkhill’s President Kevin McHenry says, “We are proud and humbled to have a 35-year partnership with Northop Grumman. We would like to thank them for the trust they place in us and look forward to an even brighter future together. FSB-1’s successful test firing is a testament to the hard work of Northrop Grumman’s SLS team and Kirkhill is excited to be part of the program.”

For over 100 years, Kirkhill has brought innovative solutions to the space industry and has helped transform air and space travel with our highly-engineered products. Our products have been to outer space and literally to the moon and back!

About Kirkhill, Inc.- Kirkhill is a global leader in high-performance elastomer products headquartered in Brea, CA with 100 years of experience. Kirkhill’s engineered, high-performance elastomer products can be found on commercial, military and business aircraft around the world as well as rockets for space and satellite application. Aerospace OEM’s and subcontractors count on our many decades of experience in developing elastomeric solutions for extreme environmental and safety applications for a wide variety of engine, nacelle, interior and structural aircraft needs. For more information please visit our website at www.kirkhill.com


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