NMC SwiftBond™

NMC has expanded its line of wire and cable management products with the introduction of Swiftbond adhesive bonded fasteners and cable supports.  The Swiftbond line consists of a wide range of standoffs, angle brackets, cable tie mounts, mounts with clamps, stud mounts, nut plates, and threaded insert attachments

Swiftbond products feature an integrated clamping fixture.


For ease of installation and reduced installation labor, a structural adhesive is applied to the attachment assembly. Acrylic or epoxy adhesives can be used, depending on the application’s requirements. Protective film is removed from the pressure sensitive adhesive on the clamping fixture. The assembly is then pressed onto the structure surface. The clamping fixture is actuated applying uniform pressure to the structural adhesive while it cures. The clamping fixture is removed after cure is achieved.

The result is an attachment point that has been reliably secured to the structure without drilling holes. Structural integrity is not compromised and labor is reduced.

Components are available in carbon / fiber/epoxy, glass fiber/epoxy, steel, or aluminum.

NMC SB3000 Series


Bond Insulation Fastener. Base is made of Ultem 2300 and retainer is made of Ultem 1000. Available in round or trimmed base and three different lengths.

NMC SB5000 Series

Mount Cable Tie. This comes in three different baseplate materials including Ultem 2300. Cable tie mount is available in Nylon 6/6 or Ultem 1000. Cable tie mount swivels 360 degree and is available in three sizes.

Conforms to BACM14L

Baseplates are available in carbon fiber/epoxy, glass flber/epoxy, steel, aluminum

NMC SB6000 Series

Right Angle Mount. Made of Ultem 2300 capable of 350 degree F operating environments. Available in five lengths, trimmed or untrimmed. Cable tie mount is available in Nylon 6/6 or Ultem 1000.


NMC SB6010

Right Angle Mount. Self-locking floating nut plate. Available in #8-32 or #10-32 threads.

Conforms to: BACMl4H, ABS1545

NMC SB6030 Series

Right Angle Mount. Available in #8-32 or #10-32 threads. Self-locking clip nut.

NMC SB7000 Series

Standoff Cable Tie Mount. Cable tie mount is available in nylon 6/6 or Ultem 1000. Cable tie mount swivels 360 degree and is available in three sizes.

Conforms to: BACM14K

NMC SB7010 Series

Standoff Self-Locking Floating Nut Plate. Made of Ultem 2300. Available in 5 different lengths from .500″-2.00″ and #8-32 or #10-32 threads

NMC SB8000 Series

Standoff Spacer with Insert Available in 18 lengths, trimmed or untrimmed. #6-32, #8-32, #10-32 threads are available.

Conforms to: BACS2IDZ, A8S1546

NMC SB8110 Series

Stud Bonded Threaded. Base options include locating pin, trimmed or untrimmed. Studs are available in length increments of .0625″. #6-32, #8-32, #10-32 threads in Stainless Steel.

Conforms to: BACS2lDY

NMC SB9000 Anchor

NMC SB9010 Transverse Anchor, NMC SB9020 Small Anchor

Made from Ultem.

NMC SB8500

The NMC SB8500 High Temperature Insulation Blanket Fastener combines an easy to install adhesive bonded base with a mating high temperature resistant composite cap to produce a fastening system that ensures minimum heat transfer through high temperature insulation blankets.

Key Features:

  • After 5 hours at 700°F on hot side of blanket a max temp of 240°F was maintained on bond side of blanket.
  • After 15 minutes at 2000°F on hot side of blanket, 425°F on was maintained on bond side of blanket.
  • Bond side temperature results are equivalent or better than competition.
  • Average weight savings of 1.25 lbs per 600 assemblies
  • Will withstand minimum torque of 35 in*lbs
  • Interchangeable with competitor
  • Made of high temperature woven Polyimide Prepreg material.
  • 300 series Cres metal inserts.
  • Thread size .1900-32
  • Available for Blanket thickness from .250” to .750”.