Molded & Extruded Products

Kirkhill has a cost effective molded and extruded elastomer solution for every application. We offer both high performance aerospace and defense seals. Kirkhill’s capability in these industries is the result of more than 100 years of experience delivering molded and extruded polymer products. Over that time, Kirkhill has assembled teams of product design engineers, material formulators, manufacturing experts, quality control and product test technicians that are the most experienced in the industry. These experts are backed by one of the most sophisticated production facilities in the world.

Kirkhill’s molded and extruded rubber capability includes:

  • Closed cell extrusions
  • Open cell molded parts
  • Full range of standard and custom colors
  • Material options include:  Silicone,  Neoprene, natural  rubber
  • EPDM, Hypalon, nitrile, and special  blends
  • Solid and hollow cross sections
  • Long lengths
  • Conductive sponge formulations