Since the origins of the Space Shuttle and Minuteman 1 ICBM programs Kirkhill has been at the cutting edge of Space and missile application Technology.  With 100 years of experience,  we are the leader in the science behind the formulation, mixing and manufacturing of uncured materials, especially rubber.  Our ability to create complex extrusions with no FOD make us a unique and superior supplier to meet the needs stringent space and missile applications.

Space Launch System Takes Off. 3D Illustration.
The launch of a ballistic missile from under water

Ablative Insulation

Kirkhill’s thermodynamics expertise helps to ensure our ablative insulation prevents fires from spreading between critical zones of the application.

Elastomeric Exterior Protection

Kirkhill developed Proprietary Erosion Resistant Material to resist demanding airborne debris challenges and thermal exposure.

Molded & Extruded Products

Kirkhill has a cost effective molded and extruded elastomer solution for every application. We offer both high performance aerospace and defense seals.