Triman Industries is our distribution partner for military applications worldwide.  They are a unique distribution company providing military land, sea and air aftermarket products to the defense industry.  Click here to visit Triman.
Cage Codes:
75345 Kirkhill Inc.
50744 Kirkhill Inc., SFS Div.
3DBN7 Kirkhill Inc., Haskon Div.


Wencor is a global distribution partner.  Wencor is one of the largest seal distributors in the world, offering a broad array of both OEM and PMA seals.  Click here to visit Wencor.


Proponent is one of the world’s largest independent aerospace distribution company. We partner with suppliers around the globe to offer broad aircraft part solutions to a diverse customer base. Click here to visit Proponent.

• Chapter 27 – Flight Controls: 10-60754,BAC1530, BAC1521
• Chapter 32 – Landing Gear and Main Gear: 10-60754, BAC1530, BAC1521
• Chapter 52 – Door Seals: 10-60476,S140T263, 60B10000, S23416
• Chapter 53 – Main Frame: 10-60754, BAC1530, BAC1521
• Chapter 54 – Pylon Seals: 10-60754, BAC1530
• Chapter 55 – Rudder and Stabilizers: 10-60754
• Chapter 57 – Wings: 10-60754, BAC1530, BAC1521
• Chapter 78 – Nacelle: S315T107-XXX