Commercial Aircraft Applications

Kirkhill is committed to providing elastomer and rubber solutions for major commercial OEMs like Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, GE, Pratt and Rolls Royce. Our products range from Aerodynamic seals to pressure seals and fire seals. Major platforms in the commercial market segment include the 737, 777, & 787 as well as the A320, A330 and A350.  Our dedication to quality and customer service is evident in our 100 year legacy.

Fire Proof Seals

Kirkhill is the premier manufacturer of highly engineered fireproof seals for both commercial and military applications. Our seals successfully protect critical areas of the aircraft when the unexpected happens.

Aerodynamic Seals

Kirkhill has pioneered the design & development of thousands of aerodynamic seals over the last 70 years.

Door & Hatch Seals

The complex nature of pressurized aircraft doors and hatches calls for bespoke seals, something that Kirkhill has a long pedigree.

Flexible Connectors

When it comes to high performance, custom designed and manufactured ducts/connectors to handle air, gas and fluids, no other capability compares with Kirkhill.