Fire Proof Seals

Kirkhill is the premier manufacturer of highly engineered fireproof seals for both commercial and military applications. Our seals successfully protect critical areas of the aircraft when the unexpected happens.

Aerodynamic Seals

Kirkhill has pioneered the design & development of thousands of aerodynamic seals over the last 70 years.

Door & Hatch Seals

The complex nature of pressurized aircraft doors and hatches calls for bespoke seals, something that Kirkhill has a long pedigree.

Flexible Connectors

When it comes to high performance, custom designed and manufactured ducts/connectors to handle air, gas and fluids, no other capability compares with Kirkhill.

Low Observables

Kirkhill produces a variety of low observable materials & products using two basic concepts: absorption and reflection.

Inflatable Canopy Seals

Kirkhill’s inflatable canopy seals have long been the staple for seal canopies on all U.S. fighter jets and aircrafts.

Molded Seals For Military

Kirkhill’s molded rubber capability includes compression, transfer and injection molding. In addition, depending on part tolerances and other criteria, many rubber compounds can be used as an alternative or in combination with our various manufacturing techniques.

Special Applications

Kirkhill’s elastomer material formulation, design engineering and manufacturing experts have decades of experience in producing seals for a variety of applications and environments.

Ablative Insulation

Kirkhill’s thermodynamics expertise helps to ensure our ablative insulation prevents fires from spreading between critical zones of the application.

Elastomeric Exterior Protection

Kirkhill developed Proprietary Erosion Resistant Material to resist demanding airborne debris challenges and thermal exposure.

Molded & Extruded Products

Kirkhill has a cost effective molded and extruded elastomer solution for every application. We offer both high performance aerospace and defense seals.

Silicone Stretchtape™

Kirkhill reinforced Stretchtape™ is a custom-manufactured dielectric grade silicone tape. This tape provides superior performance in a single wrap that other tapes would require multiple to accomplish.


NMC is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty fasteners and custom molded products. They have more than 50 years of experience in supplying both standards and custom-molded plastic clamps and wire management devices for aircraft. NMC’s focus on innovation continuously puts creativity and technology to work, finding ways to improve our products.