Our heritage includes key acquisitions such as LA Standard Rubber in the 1970’s, RM Engineering in the early 2000’s and Burke Industries Engineered Polymers Group in 2003, which included individual companies: CSE, SFS, Purosil (formally Hadbar) and Haskon (formally known as Haveg, Hercules and Connecticut Hard Rubber). Collectively under Kirkhill, we have been able to retain the unique talents of each individual company to provide us with an incomparable pool of expertise. This is evident from our inventory that is comprised of thousands of qualified airworthy products.   Under our one and only 365,000 square foot facility in Brea, California, we not only continue to support legacy products from our acquisitions but also our own legacy products. We remain vertically integrated to ensure high efficiency and so that we can correct any issues in a timely manner.  We have the ability to mix specialized elastomer compounds from gums, powers and resins in one of our many Banbury mixers or rubber mills.