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Fire Proof Seals

Kirkhill is the premier manufacturer of highly engineered fireproof seals for both commercial and military applications. Our seals successfully protect critical areas of the aircraft when the unexpected happens.

Aerodynamic Seals

Kirkhill has pioneered the design & development of thousands of aerodynamic seals over the last 70 years.

Door & Hatch Seals

The complex nature of pressurized aircraft doors and hatches calls for bespoke seals, something that Kirkhill has a long pedigree.

Flexible Connectors

When it comes to high performance, custom designed and manufactured ducts/connectors to handle air, gas and fluids, no other capability compares with Kirkhill.

Low Observables

Kirkhill produces a variety of low observable materials & products using two basic concepts: absorption and reflection.

Inflatable Canopy Seals

Kirkhill’s inflatable canopy seals have long been the staple for seal canopies on all U.S. fighter jets and aircrafts.

Molded Seals For Military

Kirkhill’s molded rubber capability includes compression, transfer and injection molding. In addition, depending on part tolerances and other criteria, many rubber compounds can be used as an alternative or in combination with our various manufacturing techniques.

Special Applications

Kirkhill’s elastomer material formulation, design engineering and manufacturing experts have decades of experience in producing seals for a variety of applications and environments.

Ablative Insulation

Kirkhill’s thermodynamics expertise helps to ensure our ablative insulation prevents fires from spreading between critical zones of the application.

Elastomeric Exterior Protection

Kirkhill developed Proprietary Erosion Resistant Material to resist demanding airborne debris challenges and thermal exposure.

Molded & Extruded Products

Kirkhill has a cost effective molded and extruded elastomer solution for every application. We offer both high performance aerospace and defense seals.

Silicone Stretchtape™

Kirkhill reinforced Stretchtape™ is a custom-manufactured dielectric grade silicone tape. This tape provides superior performance in a single wrap that other tapes would require multiple to accomplish.

Interiors & Hardware

NMC offers short lead-time metal replacement, weight reducing, non-conductive and non-corrosive products that are easy to install and remove during servicing.

Wire Management

Our wide offering of aerospace wire management products attach wire harnesses to aircraft structures in pressurized environments and prevent wire chafing.

NMC Swiftbond™

NMC has expanded its line of wire and cable management products with the introduction of Swiftbond adhesive bonded fasteners and cable supports. The Swiftbond line consists of a wide range of standoffs, angle brackets, cable tie mounts, mounts with clamps, stud mounts, nut plates, and threaded insert attachments.


All our seals are designed, developed and manufactured in our Brea, California facility. We remain vertically integrated and do everything in-house, from extruding to finishing, so that we are able to maintain the high-quality standards for our customers. Being solely based in Brea, we are able to address any challenges that may arise quickly and efficiently. While we may be based in the United States, our presence is felt worldwide.

who are we?


Kirkhill is a global leader in high-performance elastomer products. We are headquartered in Brea, California with over 100 years of experience. Our engineered, high-performance elastomer products can be found on commercial, military, and business aircrafts around the world as well as on missiles, space launchers and satellites. Customers include: Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Collins Aerospace, SAFRAN, along with many Tier 1 sub-contractors. Our customers count on our experienced and innovative elastomer formulations, product design, prototyping and manufacturing capability to provide cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Why choose us?


    We utilize our unmatched knowledge and processes to engineer and manufacture organic and inorganic elastomer-based products to meet the requirements of airframe, defense and space applications worldwide. We can design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions for just about any need or application. We are your “one-stop shop”.


    Aerospace OEMs and subcontractors count on our experienced and innovative elastomer formulation, product design, prototyping and lean manufacturing capability to provide high quality cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications. The precision and craftsmanship that goes into our products is a result of stringent quality systems, process control and all of our employees working together to deliver for our customers.


    We take our commitments very seriously. We deliver to our OEM production schedule obligations as well as provide clear and consistent communication. Additionally, we provide stellar application & technical assistance as well as prompt customer service alongside a global aftermarket distribution network.

latest news

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Kirkhill Employees Run for a Cause in Orange County Half Marathon

On May 7th, 18 employees from Kirkhill, a leading manufacturer of aerospace products, participated in the Orange County Half Marathon, a 13.1-mile race that starts at Fashion Island and ends at the OC Fair

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Kirkhill Celebrates Artemis Mission with NASA and Industry Partners

Kirkhill was honored to host NASA, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, NASA Astronaut Lee Morin, and US Congresswoman Young Kim at its facility to celebrate the inaugural ARTEMIS program launch

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Kirkhill Celebrates St Patrick’s Day

As part of our St Patrick's Day celebration at Kirkhill we held a raffle for a pair of Apple AirPods.  Check out the video of our President drawing the winner.  Congratulations and Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

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Kirkhill participates in JDRF One Walk

Members of the Kirkhill team recently participated in the JDRF One Walk! The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a charity that we have been supporting for many years by participating in this walk and raising money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.