Apr 20

This week Kirkhill received notice of our first confirmed case of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The employee was last here on Friday, April 3rd and subsequently we did a thorough decontamination of any areas where that employee spent time.

In light of this, coupled with the significant downturn in demand for airline spares parts as well as parts for new commercial aircraft manufacturing, Kirkhill has decided to close our facility tonight and re-open it on Monday morning, April 20th. Tomorrow was already a planned holiday so the new news here is that we will be closed all of next week.

We will continue to be vigilant and transparent both internally and externally to you. We also ask that you, our customers, do the same in return and communicate any change in your demand positions as quickly as possible.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your Kirkhill customer service or sales contact via e-mail and these will be answered upon our return.