Apr 20

This is the third update from Kirkhill regarding the actions we are taking to protect our employees, our business, and our commitments to our customers.

We have ordered new thermal cameras and are going to be installing them next week. This new technology will allow for an even more accurate reading for our temperature checks upon entry to our facility. As of today, both our employees and facilities are safe with zero detection. We are continuing to meet our current commitments and do not see that recovery or delivery commitment being interrupted in the near term.

Kirkhill is partnered with a 3rd party decontamination team as part of our emergency action plan should we receive notice of a confirmed case of Covid19. Yesterday, we ran through a practice drill where we decontaminated several areas on our production floor and the front office. The process went smoothly and we will be prepared in case we are notified of a confirmed case.

Kirkhill is communicating regularly with its supplier base to capture updated status information. This is also to keep our customers informed of any changes in the potential severity of impact to delivery of components manufactured in regions of the world affected by the virus. To date, we do not see any risk to our supply chain.

We will continue to be vigilant and transparent both internally and externally to you. We also ask that you, our customers, do the same in return and communicate any change in your demand positions as quickly as possible.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your Kirkhill customer service or sales contact or also myself in case of emergency.

Kevin McHenry