Mar 20

Dear Valued Customer,

The global crisis surrounding this virus is unprecedented and something that we cannot control. The Kirkhill Team is focused on what we can influence and that is taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and our business in our support of you, our customers.

In this regard, Kirkhill has implemented the following safety checks:

– Temperature checks for all employees, suppliers or contractors with anyone showing excessive temperatures being asked to go home and consult their doctors.
– All customer representatives and visitors have been asked to work remotely and not visit us. The only exception to this is customer source inspectors. To gain access to the inspection areas only, customer source inspectors will be required to go through the same protocols as our employees.
– With the closure of many schools in the surrounding areas, we are working with the impacted employees to see if we can offer more flexibility regarding the work schedule / location.
– We have implemented our Crisis Management Plans regarding emergency response and business recovery should we find an employee showing signs of the virus, including all steps as recommended by the CDC such as quarantine, disinfection, reporting to authorities and eventually business recovery.

To date, both our employees and facilities are safe with zero detection. We are continuing to meet our current commitments and our recovery from historical past dues and do not see that recovery or delivery commitment being interrupted in the near term.

Regarding our supply base, Kirkhill is a very vertically integrated business that is dependent on only a few major external components to make our seals. These externally sourced components fall into three main categories of chemicals, inserts and tools and Kirkhill has been assured by these suppliers that they do not see an impact to our requirements. They are closely monitoring the situation and updating us regularly.

Kirkhill is also implementing these additional precautionary measures to protect our employees and our business:

– Restricting any travel by our personnel, rather promoting conference calls and web based meetings.
– Expanding remote work options.
– Promoting social distancing.
– Enhancing cleaning and disinfecting protocols at our facilities

To keep you informed, we will be updating this communication at least once a week and more frequently if we have an issue. We will get through this but it will take us all being vigilant and transparent both internally and externally to you. This memo is a reflection of that intent.

On a personal note, as an Irish convert to these shores I am used to spending this day celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. At the core of what St. Paddy’s Day has always meant though is a celebration of life with the people that mean the most personally and professionally. What better way to do it now than by protecting those that mean the most.

To this end, Thank You for your continued cooperation and support in these very challenging times and the actions that are necessary and within our control to support our on-going operations.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your Kirkhill customer service or sales contact or also myself in case of emergency.

Kevin McHenry