Kirkhill Inc.

Kirkhill Inc. (formerly Kirkhill Elastomers or Kirkhill Rubber Company) is a leading diversified manufacturer of highly engineered, organic, and in-organic elastomer based products. Founded in 1919 by Thomas Kirk Hill and located in Brea California since 1952, Kirkhill is a leading domestic producer of precision silicone seals for commercial and military aircraft, rocket and missile liner insulation material, and application specific engineered products serving the defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Kirkhill Inc. was acquired by TransDigm Group in March of 2018.

The facility is situated on 23 acres and consists of approximately 365,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The facility employs 754 people.

Kirkhill Inc.’s primary product offerings include radar absorbing (RAM), electro magnetic interference (EMI) and electro static dissipating (ESD) material, calendered, extruded, and molded solid and sponge specialty rubber products. Major product offerings in the aerospace market include aerodynamic seals for commercial and military airframes, ducts and firewall seals for aircraft engines and nacelles, aircraft door and hatch seals, inflatable seals for cockpit canopies and large openings, aircraft window seals, and aircraft conductive seals for electromagnetic interference survivable conditions.

Kirkhill Inc.’s manufacturing capabilities consist of a vertically integrated operation that includes proprietary custom mixing and compounding, calendering, milling, rotocuring, compression and injection molding, extruding, autoclave curing, and fabricating of organic and in-organic elastomer based products. In addition, the facility possesses CNC machining and tooling manufacturing capabilities.