Press Operator
  • May 19, 2022
  • Anywhere

Position Summary:

The position requires someone who can acquire skill in molding techniques and can operate smaller presses.  Work performed includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Works following written instructions or verbal directions from foreman.
  • Opens mold, places uncured rubber pieces into mold base and closes mold.
  • Manually pushes or pulls mold into correct position and/or uses power equipment provided to lift and position filled mold into press bed.
  • Turns lever to close press and sets timer for curing cycle. At end of curing cycle press opens automatically permitting operator to remove mold from press.  May use hoist or other lifting device to remove mold from press and position on work table surface
  • May open mold with pry bar or hoist. Removes molded part by hand or with air hose.
  • Visually inspects molded parts for proper cure, tears, blisters, non-fills, etc. Reports improper parts to supervisor for correction.  Records number of pieces on production record.  May place paper or other items between goods to prevent sticking.
  • Cleans mold utilizing a variety of items such as: putty knife, wire brush, Scotch Brite or compressed air and dresses mold with lubricant as required.
  • Completes required production documents and records.
  • Reviews own work for completeness and quality workmanship.
  • Provides materials for article inspection during production, following established standards and production instructions.
  • Follows established housekeeping and safety practices to maintain the quality of the work environment.
  • Performs similar or related duties as assigned.

Tools, Equipment & Materials Used:

Hydraulic & pneumatic curing presses, molds, compressed air, wheel cars, pry bar, wire brushes, hand tools, hoist, putty knife and scissors.   Materials used include natural rubber, neoprene, lubricants, uncured rubber, viton, silicone, Scotch Brite and unmolded seals.

Esterline Kirkhill Elastomers is an Equal Opportunity Employer