Silicone Stretchtape™

Kirkhill's Reinforced Silicone Stretchtape™ is a custom-manufactured dielectric grade silicone rubber tape. Stretchtape™ is reinforced with sinusoidal glass yarn to control stretch and increase strength. Stretchtape™ also conforms easily to complex shapes and forms a permanent bond within a short period of time at room temperature. This tape provides superior performance in a single wrap that other tapes would require multiple wraps to accomplish.

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Kirkhill is in the forefront on new materials in the elastomer industry with organic and inorganic elastomer-based products.   We have over 3000 elastomer compounds in diverse commercial and aerospace applications.  Our research labs are recognized by major commercial and aerospace OEMs as a source of breakthrough elastomer technology.  Our R&D lab’s full staff of chemists works to develop compounds that are lighter in weight, designed to withstand higher temperatures and offer improved chemical resistance.

Our engineering staff works closely with customers to develop custom solutions to complex design challenges.  Our product capabilities include:

  • Aerodynamic seals
  • Rubber extrusions
  • Elastomeric sheet material
  • Fire barrier seals
  • Inflatable seals
  • Engine nacelle and thrust reverser seals
  • Spoiler seals and vapor barrier seals
  • Wing and aerodynamic seals
  • Passenger entry door seals and vent flap seals
  • Gaskets (structural)
  • AirduxTM ducting products
  • APU Seals
  • Intercooler Seal
  • Low observable seals